The park is managed in accordance with the following Park Management Plan published by North Somerset Council:-

The park itself is made up of compartments as shown on the following map. More detail on each of the compartments can be found within the Park Management plan:-

Wildlife on the park has benefited from a range of management initiatives. These include wildflower planting, hedge creation and grass and hedge margin management sympathetic to wildlife.

Compartment 6 comprises a 700 metre native hedgerow growing on the banks of the infant River Kenn which forms the Nailsea/Backwell boundary and flows into Backwell Lake.  The hedge forms a linear feature with adjoining tall and short grass areas.  It is recognised as an important hedgerow for historical and wildlife reasons.  During 2017 an ecological survey was carried out and recommendations made about how to manage the hedge to maintain its structure and diversity of habitats.  The Kenn Hedgerow Trendlewood Park – Management Plan should be read as an appendix to the main Park Management Report. 

North Somerset Council and Nailsea Town Council continue to provide support in helping to maintain the park.


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